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I build and maintain several websites and hosting is very important to the performance of these sites. Out of all the top web hosting companies, it’s hard for most people to distinguish the difference between a good host and a great host. Here are some things to consider when choosing a web host:

1. Operating system. Do you need a Linux host or a Windows host? For example, if you have an ASP website, you probably need a windows server.

2. Shared hosting or dedicated hosting. If you have a general website or blog with low to medium traffic and no special scripting needs then shared hosting should be fine and will cost you less. If you expect more than 1,000 visitors/day to your website or have special scripting needs, then dedicated is the way to go. It will cost more, but you get more performance over shared hosting.

3. IPs. Consider how many IP’s you will need. Most webmasters only need 1 static IP, but if you have multiple sites, additional IP’s may be required. If you need more than one IP, make sure the host can accommodate you and ask what the extra fees are per additional IP.

4. Server speed. Ask the hosting provider for a list of a few websites they currently host. With this information, go to, and conduct speed tests compared to other sites you’re familiar with (i.e. google, digg, a friend’s site). If the host is considerably slower, avoid them.

5. Panel. Often called cpanel, this is the backend administrative menu so you can manage your sites. If possible, request a demo access to the host’s panel and make sure you’re comfortable before buying.

6. Special needs. Do you need CRON, htaccess, ssh, phpMyAdmin, GD, image-magik or other special access to the server. Ask before buying, or look for these features when viewing the hosts demo panel.

7. Customer support. When something goes wrong (and it will), how responsive and supportive is the host staff? What is covered and what is not? Do they perform backups of your site, or are you responsible? Ask for references and contact several of their customers to make your decision.

Lastly, most web hosts offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Take advantage of this offer and switch if you’re not 100% happy. I know it’s a pain to move hosts, but once you find a good home you’ll be there for years. Generally, avoid free hosting (like Godaddy) as the speed is horribly slow and your site will be riddled with advertisements.

Let’s face it, getting traffic to your website can be a struggle for newbies.

There are many ways to attract traffic to your websites such as using Search Engine Optimization, Article Marketing, Social Bookmarking and Social Networking.

These techniques are effective but naturally takes some time to actually notice some results. Not many beginners are capable of doing this as well.

If you are starting out and you need to get instant traffic, the best way is, to use pay per click advertising or PPC advertising. The three main players are Yahoo Search Marketing, Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter.

Now, you can actually make use of PPC advertising to get instant traffic to your website for FREE. The way to do this is to find coupons or credits from PPC companies.

webhosting companies provide coupons for new customers who purchased their hosting package. You find out more of this Hosting Reviews website.

You may also find PPC coupons online but they are usually expired or only limited to some countries.

Now Yahoo Search Marketing is promoting its $25 credit for its PPC service which you can claim to use the service for FREE. This coupon has been working for a long time and should still work. Get Yahoo Seach Marketing coupon while it is still available at $25 Yahoo Search Marketing

With $25 credit, you can enjoy 500 FREE clicks in other words 500 instant visitors to your website with a $0.05 / click bid. This is helpful for any new website.

To make full use of your Yahoo credit, you should use a landing page where you can collect email address of your visitors to follow up with them anytime and with good contents, you will be able to get these visitors to return to your website.

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This is a bluehost question posted by mkgr on 08 November 2008

i tried to register to bluehost but at the last step it said:

ERROR: 10417: The transaction cannot complete successfully. Instruct the customer to use an alternative payment method. Your credit card (attached to your PayPal account) failed bank authentication. You may verify your PayPal account information is corre

In paypal account i have added a card (prepaid card) and today i have verified it.The money of prepaid card are more than the required for my order.

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