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This is a bluehost question posted by newbieLL on 08 November 2008

I’m brand new to bluehost. I just started my own site and I’ve obviously bought way over my head in terms of what I can do with the site, it’s just for a personal hobby. I keep trying to put up a temporary web page to my site but when I go to it directly ( I keep getting the white screen saying Index, listing some files, etc. I just don’t understand where to put my folders/files. I”ve put them in folders and files all over the place. Can someone help?

What I do understand tolerably well:
how to use filezilla in a general way
ftp protocol to connect to my site
I can see my folder/file system and move around in it

What I do not understand:
What folder or area to attach or place my website pages
How to continue to put new files/folders onto my site for others to see

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